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Morning Poems 

Poetry by Darian Razdar
Layout and papercut images by Abby Ho

Darian Razdar’s debut poetry collection emerges in the liminal space of dawn, before consciousness has fully gathered itself. Meditating on the worlds that hover between and beyond maps, Morning Poems dreams in language elemental, atmospheric and slow. 

Morning Poems special edition 

Poetry by Darian Razdar
Layout and papercut images by Abby Ho
Special wraparound papercut by Abby Ho

This washi handmade paper cut by Abby Ho is an extension of the papercut images featured inside the book, and is a wraparound print that will come with a copy of the book.

Limited quantities available. 

There is no wifi in the afterlife

Poetry and Short fiction by Emily Lu
Layout by Ryookyung Kim
Artist Illustrations with Abby Ho

There is no wifi in the afterlife is a refusal and a betrayal, written mostly during the pandemic. In this mixed short story and poem collection, fan-fiction, email, houseplants, housefish, and at least three ghosts sit in the same waiting room falling asleep to unhinged reimaginings of justice.

There is no wifi special print and bundle

There is no wifi in the afterlife, special archival print of original papercut panels by Abby Ho.

Size 6”x16”

There is no wifi in the afterlife bundle set including chapbook by Emily Lu + special archival print of original papercut panels by Abby Ho.

Referent 2

(made to order)
Poetry and Illustrations by Jasmine Gui and Abby Ho (jabs)

referent 2 is the second instalment of jabs' put-it-together-yourself card zine. Featuring 20 new images and 20 new poems, referent 2 takes up memory and childhood as its meditative topics to create new impressions in visual and textual form. Sized to match the first referent zine (currently out of print), no. 2 has been reoriented to a vertical accordion look, and also features handmade paper covers with typewritten font. Handmade in a limited edition of 30 copies.

Gradations I & II

Poetry and Illustrations by Jasmine Gui and Mirae Lee

A pair of risograph printed illustrated poetry zines featuring a single long poem where the speaker goes for a meandering walk to have a tender conversation.The landscape is real. Or not. The zines feature the same protagonist in stories set a decade apart. Despite the things found, lost and changed along the way, here we are nonetheless.

This product includes Gradations I & II and a sticker sheet. Customize your set with washi band of choice and, the option to upgrade to a hand-bound (pamphlet stitch) spine!

If A Carp Dreams Of The Milky Way

Poetry by Jasmine Gui
Layout and linocut print by Brianna Tosswill

There is an old Chinese idiom that says, if a carp is able to swim upstream against the Yellow River and leap over the waterfall, it will transform into a dragon."If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way by Jasmine Gui is a long meditative poem on grief, and the limitations of language to hold such grief.

This chapbook comes in an accordion-folded structure meant to mimic the vertical fluidity of a scroll.

Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines

Poetry by Natalie Wee
Illustrations and Layout by Ryookyung Kim
Special print by Wenting Li

A survival manifesto and celebration song both, Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines by Natalie Wee, special edition, is re-imagined as both poetry collection and art object. Featuring never-before-seen poems and re-interpreted older poems, this edition asks us to consider what it means to exist in bodies that are pathways to extremes of grief and joy. Illustrating the body as a site of resistance, lineage, and testimony, this collection invites you to explore both the tremendous suffering and radiant possibilities of living: “watch me swallow / the hardest thing / my body has made / & live.”