25 on 25

December 16, 2016

  1. In this world you will be derided for caring too much. Care anyway.
  2. It is a lonely world and there are many paths you have to take alone.
  3. Do not be afraid of the truth.
  4. The fights will not get easier, but you will be more ready for them.
  5. Bitterness is the aroma in every cup of healing.
  6. You have parted ways with being nice but found more: how to be kind.
  7. Remember to love your hands whether they are wide open or tightly fisted
  8. You will not always be able to find the words. Keep looking.
  9. Make peace with the night time. The moon is a whole other thing waiting for you.
  10. When the world expands, you will find it difficult to breathe. Slow down for a while.
  11. Teach your ears to listen for that which is unsaid.
  12. Grief is a kind of embrace. Remember to come apart.
  13. Hold it with your palms flat on your sternum, with your fingers on the collarbone.
  14. Try to find the lit windows at dusk, they will remind you of the city you share.
  15. Restoration and wholeness is full and quiet.
  16. It is okay to forget the details. The space of memory is where the future grows.
  17. Differentiate between the critical and the malicious. They are often side by side.
  18. Patience is the way a skirt moves with the wind to make space for another freedom.
  19. Don't let what you know become a weapon to hurt other people.
  20. Carry it on your shoulder: the weight of a chance encounter and its possibility.
  21. Aesthetic only comes to life when it is full of story.
  22. Hurt means you are still open. Hurt means there was something better imaginable.
  23. They do understand. They can hold who you are.
  24. Look back often. Look back.
  25. Love anyway.