August ‘17 Set

September 29, 2017

August is the month all the mooncakes start to come out in Hong Kong. Although mid-autumn won't officially arrive for another two months, the moon, its rabbit and goddess, and paper lanterns of all kinds will start to emerge on advertisements, in stories, in dessert shops, and shopping malls.

Been having some flashbacks to my childhood full of lantern traipsing and candle wax on the street curbs, and how fulfilling it was to celebrate these traditions in a free and easy way.

The roundness of the moon reminds us of wholeness, of fullness and of familial gatherings. The dinner table in these situations is almost always also round. So I spent the month being thankful for the roundness of things, for the fullness of things, for the wholeness of things.

To be round, full and whole seems more difficult the older we get. We not only fight against extenuating circumstances that want to take away from us, but also against ourselves and our tendency to give too much away and not give back enough to us.

Whether it be to work, to relationships, or to ideals, I'm trying to actively hold fullness in my life, which funnily enough, comes in all forms and ways.

Wishing the same wholeness for everyone passing through the blog in this season.