Creative Portfolio


If A Carp Dreams Of The Milky Way. Penrose Press. (2019)
    Review: by Manahil Bandukwala on Prism International

A Crown of Little Sounds. A Music-Poetry EP. Project 40 Collective (2017)

boke 暈け. wordsonpages (2017)
    Review: by Terry Abrahams on ReadWildness

lov(e)scapes. Project 40 Collective (2015)

Micro-collection in Between Sentiment and Sensation Vol. 1. Red Paint Hill. (2014)


a momo room (2023~)
issue #1 - beginnings
Commonspace Acazine series (2022~)
Signatories of Longing - Identity-making in Diaspora
Referent 2 (2021)
shortlisted in the Artzine category, Broken Pencil Zine Awards
Gradations 1&2 (2020)
Referent (2017)

Inter-Arts Exhibitions

2023 - resurgent artefacts. part of a final prayer at Art Museum, University of Toronto.
2022 - How to Find a Palm Tree. Xpace Cultural Centre.
2019 - Twenty-Five. 187 Augusta (a jabs solo exhibition).
2018 - Sp l it, Iteration 1, Open Studio, Once Upon Water at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto
2017 - Referent at Evolution, Art Starts, Toronto (a jabs collab visual art piece)

Published Poems

“Diptych on the Aftermath”. Room Magazine x Augur (forthcoming)
Ballad of the Peach Tree”. wildness journal. (2023)
“Of Crows and Chrysanthemums”. The Tiger Moth Review (2021)
“喔哦 / koel song”. Sine Theta Magazine (2019)
“Tiong Bahru” and “Bukit Batok, 22nd Floor”. Inheritance Anthology (2017)
Three Cups of Tea“. Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel (2017)
Excerpts from boke 暈け. SoftBlow (2017)
9 Meditations on Mandopop and Poetry“. Ricepaper Magazine. (2016)
“kāi (開)”. Hart House Review. (2016)
Bus Stop Vignettes“. text lit mag. (2015)
The Rose Left in the Bell Jar”. words(on)pages. (2014)
In Wonderland Everyone Is Passive Aggressive“. The Teacup Trail (2014)
“Breathturn”, “The Day I Died”, “There is an Hour that Sounds like Rain”. Red Paint Hill Anthology. (2014)
“I AM” (visual poem). Acta Victoriana. (2014)
Mecoming“. The Winter Tangerine Review, Volume I. (2014)

Published Mixed Media

“The Mangrove Is An Archive”. Southeast Asia and the Littoral (forthcoming 2023)
I Draw the Eyes in”. SUSPECT, Singapore Unbound(2023)
Most Suitable Ground I Saw”. PR&TA Journal (2022)
The Revolution Is An Asymptote“. HELD Magazine (2020)


Self-Directed Residency (funded by CCA) – Paperhouse Studio (2020)
Artist-in-Residence – Art Starts (2020)
Once Upon Water Artist-in-Residence – Artscape Gibraltar Point (2018)
Writer-in-Residence – The Roundtable Residency (2017)

Curated Exhibitions

RA:X Pigeonhole (2023)
RA:X Puncta (2022)
The Art of Language (Un)Said (2016)

Published Non-Fiction

“Different Things in Different Scenes”. C Magazine (forthcoming)
I Draw The Eyes In”. SUSPECT, Singapore Unbound (2023)
“Much to let go of in Jónína Kirton’s Standing in a River of Time”. Canthius Magazine (2022)
Excerpt from “We Between The Grass and Wood”. Hungry Zine, It’s Complicated issue (2022)
One Who Hears The Sounds of the World – Review of Larissa Lai’s Iron Goddess of Mercy”. Canthius Magazine (2021)
Notes on Abundance – from LooseLeaf Magazine”. Growing Room Series (2021)
Family In The Time Of The Internet”. GUTS Magazine // a baomun collab (2018)
“A Brew of Anxieties”. Space Magazine (2018)
Hope as World-Building: A Creative Intervention into Musical Worship“. Inheritance Magazine (2018)
“For Us Humans, That Is”: Human and Its Other in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”. The Spectatorial. (2017) [Print]
Creating Complicity: Swan by Aaron Jan“. LooseLeaf Magazine. (2016)
Identifying Chinese Christian in the Secular Humanities“. The Salt Collective. (2016)
Interview with Alana Wilcox of Coach House Books“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
An Asian Experience of the Toronto Literary Scene“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
Interview with words(on)pages“. Town Crier (The Puritan). (2015)
Hand-crafted and clever: Sea & Lake Paper Company“. CANCulture. (2014)
“Finding What’s Lost in Translation”. Vic iTeach vol 4. issue 1. (2012)


resurgent artefacts”. Vallum Poetry Prize - Winner (2022)
“I Draw The Eyes In”. Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest, The New Quarterly – Longlist (2021)
“How To Find a Palm Tree”. Short Forms Contest, Room Magazine – Shortlist (2019)

Magazines & Anthologies

Managing Editor and Producer, (re)Rites of Passage: Asian Canada in Motion (2021)
Managing Editor, LooseLeaf Magazine, Volumes 1 - 10 (2015-2021)

On Medium

For Us Humans, That Is”: Human and Its Other in Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood“. Medium (2018, adapted from The Spectatorial essay)
The Ghost Between Human and Machine“. Medium (2018, adapted from a 2014 piece)