October ‘17 Set

December 25, 2017

As I hit the last quarter of 2017, my schedule became overwhelmingly busy and I found myself without the time or ability to do my usual monthly walk-abouts.

Instead, I managed to squeeze in some studio time to do a photo shoot with my partner, and got some solo shots taken on the fly by Chloe.

October was about preparations. Getting ready for November, getting ready for work, getting ready to leave, getting ready for all the different life events that don't wait for you to have less work to do. Getting ready seems to be a prelude to a main event, but often times, it becomes a main event all its own.

How does one become ready enough, and is that something we can ever know in advance? Or is it only through the retrospection of success or failure that gives us the means to evaluate our preparation?

This is a difficult but necessary question, because as I get older, I find the stakes growing. My readiness has a wider impact zone, and the consequences of being unprepared affect more than just me now.

These days I am thinking of how to live a life that is always intentional enough so that preparation and execution are seamless processes. If everything is just journey, and I am always journeying, then there is no demarcation in between things. This is prelude and fugue but so is the next.

If October was preparing for November, it was also the fruit of the years that came before it. May I recognize how precious it is to have days pile on days to build a solid road under my feet. Onward? Always.