with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
as special projects programmer

excerpted from my curatorial statement

Pigeonhole: verb
  • assign to a particular category or class, especially in a manner that is too rigid or exclusive

How have we “pigeonholed” ourselves into narrow frameworks that might not actually be that different from the structures that we have historically struggled against? What do we lose in our political over-identification with the assigned categories, histories and positions of our race and gender?

Pigeonhole: noun
  • a small recess for a domestic pigeon to nest in.

The spirit of RA:X PIGEONHOLE takes the path through the joke seriously. We have built you a pigeonhole to come hang out in during the festival. In this space, we invite you to enjoy music co-collaborated by Tsumura’s regular pigeon band crew and human artists. Watch the footage of evolving intimacies between bird, human, sound and space. Spend a bit of time at the pigeon shrine and send blessings to one of our oldest companion species. Collage your own bird kin to add to the monster flock taking flight. Nest and rest for a while. Bring your friend. Bring five.

RA:X Pigeonhole


Exhibition description

Visit the PIGEONHOLE, nest and rest from the festival chaos, listen to collaborative pigeon music, watch raw footage, compose your own ditties, and collage a flock of desired futures together with other attendees.

PIGEONHOLE debuts the creative collaboration between artist Emmie Tsumura and her pigeons-in-crime, and engages communal postures of learning and creation through multispecies forms of intimacy, trust, and being. Instead of straining to be legible and recognizable through pre-established structures (born of violent colonial legacies), PIGEONHOLE considers what zany freedoms are possible in choosing nonsensical play and unfamiliar relations with other beings.

What if we turned away from legibility, toward other forms of expression? What might happen if we got out of the weeds to spend some time with the birds?

Featuring: Emmie Tsumura and the Pigeon Band
Live artists: Wy Joung Kou ft. D Badua 
Collaborating artists: Blunderspublik, D Badua, Anomalia, Sara DeCarlo, Charlie Glasspool X Polly-Jean Vernon, Veronica Ing, The Burning Hell, Jas Nasty X Chris International, Babe Chorus, & Charlie Petch


RA:X Puncta


with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
as special projects programmer

A collaborative exhibition by Jasmine Gui (special projects programmer, RA) & keiko Hart (co-curator), RA:X Puncta aims to present a plurality of punctum moments (as defined by Roland Barthes) that disturb and prick at diasporic Asian narratives and slip beyond an easy legibility of “Asianness”. 

Exhibition Description:
The five works presented in this exhibition are honest yet uneasy, confrontational, and tender provocations that push in creatively personal ways, against and through the pressures and questions of their socio-political moments. Through our sustained attention, they may shake us up in particular and precious ways.

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council

Noor Khan, Vince Ha, Brannavy Jeyasundaram, Mo Phùng & Jes Hanzelkova

Download exhibition catalogue here


In-person Curator Walkthrough

Fri Nov 11 & Sat Nov 12 | 6PM
Join co-curators in the exhibition space for a walkthrough and casual Q&A. This program overlaps with the festival’s happy hour programming.

PUNCTA: Online Artist Talks I

Tues Nov 15 | 6:30 – 8PM
Moderated conversation between co-curator keiko Hart and artists, Jes Hanzelkova, Vince Ha and Mo Phùng.

PUNCTA: Online Artist Talks II

Thurs Nov 17 | 6:30 – 8PM
Moderated conversation between co-curator Jasmine Gui and artists, Noor Khan, Yasmeen Nematt Alla and Brannavy Jeyasundaram.

Online Exhibition Walkthrough

Sat Nov 19 | 4 – 5PM
Hop onto Instagram Live to see the installation work digitally and chat with members of our exhibition team.

All photos c/o Mike Tjioe


(re)Rites of Passage:

Asian Canada in Motion

with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
as special projects programmer

see more at rarara.ca 


(re)Rites of Passage: Asian Canada in motion is a special anthology published as part of the Toronto Reel Asian Film International Film Festival’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and a follow-up to Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen (published in 2007 for Reel Asian’s 10th anniversary).

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and kinetic histories of independent publishing in Asian diaspora, the anthology features a range of critical responses from Asian Canadian media artists on the contributions, maturations and evolving sensibilities of Asian Canadian film and media creation.

Drawing on these intersections of interdisciplinary, form-traversing dialogue,(re)Rites of Passage looks to the future of Asian Canadian media arts in the larger Canadian creative ecosystem.Besides featuring the perspectives of multiple generations of filmmakers, the anthology will also expand to include conversations around experimental video art, digital forms such as VR and AR, and new and alternative media arts.

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

Graphic cutout by Charisse Fung


Managing editor: Jasmine Gui
Commissioning editors: Aaditya Aggarwal, V.T. Nayani, Khanh Tudo, Philbert Lui, Jasmine Gui
Managing Copyeditor: Anda Ng
Editors: Saba Akhtar, James Legaspi
Graphic Design Lead: Atima Ng
Auxiliary design: Yiu Hei Cheung, Abby Ho
Website & Socials: Charisse Fung