September ‘17 Set

November 30, 2017

Yes. I'm behind. Waaay behind.

In September I spent a bit of time away from Toronto and roadtripped with some friends around the Eastern coast of Canada. It was my first time on that side of the country, and the first time in a while where I was so constantly close to the ocean.

When this happens. I film poems. The last visual poem: Untitled features footage from this September trip.

The landscape unrolled in all my favourite hues, and I felt immensely restful to be near large bodies of water again. The seafood was spectacular, the weather forgiving, and the journey overflowing.

Spending hours with people I love, doing banal things like driving along the coast, hiking long trails, and looking for good food are precious threads of this year's fabric of living. As I get older, I find it more challenging to hold on to these relationships amidst the meandering pathways we're all taking through life. Convergence is a gift and an effort, and I felt that in shades and tones as I watched the scenery roll by from the back of the car.

In those places I discovered the warmth of grass by the ocean, and the stinging cold of the bay. May I not forget the sweetness in that salty air and the delightful tone of a sun setting. In this way, friendship takes on a colour unique in the world. I rest in that vibrance and feel at peace.